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Slowly we are building a wonderful collection of quality picture books to encourage the children to know and love their Faith.   I highly recommend the Life of a Saint Series, published by Ignatius/Magnificat.  5 star quality,  ‘meaty’ and accurate with lovely watercolour illustrations. They are long picture books, divided into small ‘chapters’ but can be easily read in one sitting. The best saints books we have seen for younger children, happily for us most of these are our children’s patron saints.


John Marie Vianney: The Holy Cure of Ars

John Vianney, from a devout family who attended underground Masses heard a calling to the priesthood as a boy during the French Revolution. He struggled with his studies but persevered, once ordained he was assigned to the poor parish of Ars where the Faith of the people was weak.  He poured himself into saving souls, and it was through his prayers that many souls returned to God.  In the last years of his life he was spending seventeen hours a day in the confessional, John Marie Vianney is the patron saint of parish priests. Our favourite.


Bernadette: The Little Girl From Lourdes

One day in Lourdes during winter a beautiful lady appears to an ordinary girl, Bernadette, Our Lady of the Immaculate Conception.  At the grotto where she appears Bernadette discovers a spring from which flows miraculous healing water.





Therese: The Little Flower Of Lisieux

Therese was raised in a loving and devout family, and at a young age she felt called to the religious life. Therese had a sensitive nature and tremendous confidence in the love of God. She wrote a spiritual classic, the Story of a Soul which guides us to the ‘Little Way’ to God.




Francis the Poor Man of Assisi

The story opens with Francis’ birth and youth, following his military service, imprisonment and illness he encounters God.  Francis then gives up everything including the clothes on his back to follow Our Lady of Poverty and humility. We meet St Clare, see Francis love for lepers, watch him deal with the wolf of Gubbio and create the first nativity scene. Our second favourite.



March 5th – St Kieren

St Ciaran The Tale of a Saint of Ireland

I have a brother Kieren so I was particularly excited to find this book. St Ciaran of Saigir was a hermit who lived in the 6th Century and was the first Irish born Saint. It is said he had a wonderful influence on wild animals and he traveled far from Ireland. So little is known of St Kieren that I’m uncertain how accurate this book is. Gentle text and lovely oil illustrations.


March 17th – St Patrick

Patrick: Saint of Ireland – Joyce Denham

A new purchase, on the life of St Patrick from his captivity through to his ministry.  Includes his confrontation with King Laogharie, his teaching of the Trinity, and the miracle of the deer. Beautiful illustrations, longer text for the older child.  5 Star!

* Thanks to Jen for the recommendation




Patrick: Patron Saint of Ireland – Tomie de Paola

Absolutely love Tomie de Paoloa’s depiction of the life of St Patrick. The main events of his life and ministry are covered, including some legends. 5 Star!



March 19th – St Joseph

Father and Son – Geraldine McCaughrean

Absolutely a favourite! Illustrations are warm and inviting. Text creates a sense of wonder.  “How can I teach him his words and letters: he who strung the alphabet together..”  St Joseph was given a huge job, to be the foster father of Jesus, how could he begin to parent The Son of God and yet, humbly, simply he did.  4.5 Star

Jen has a few more recommendations for St Joseph




Song of the Swallows

A story about the swallows returning for Spring to the San Juan mission in Capistrano on the Feast of St Joseph.  The text is long so more for the over 6 crowd, soft illustrations. Catholic Mosaic suggests reading this on the Feast of St Joseph.

Fear Not, Joseph – Julie Stiegemeyer

Illustrates how St Joseph was obedient to the will of God, how often an angel appeared and told him to, ‘Fear Not’, from the Annunciation to the Flight into Egypt.  The illustrations are absolutely gorgeous. However I skim several parts when reading to my children, some make me ‘itchy’ some simply irritate me.

Caveats- when Mary tells Joseph she is to bear a child (they are not yet married) Joseph’s doubts and thoughts are spelt out quite clearly, I heavily censor those two pages, not necessary for children to focus on, and the Birth, Mary gives birth in pain, she was sinless therefore would not have been in pain!! (Catholic worldview) and the presence of woman attending the Birth (no mention of this in any of the Gospels).  What to rate?? without the caveats this would be a 5 Star and with censoring still can be, but with those only a 3 Star.

Mega List :

1st- Solemnity of Our Lady 
Mary the Mother of God – Tomie dePaola 
The Last Straw – Fredrick Thury 
The Little Drummer Boy – Ezra Jack Keats 

1st – St Brigid 
Brigid’s Cloak – Bryce Milligan 
10th – St Scholastica 
The Holy Twins: Benedict and Scholastica 
11th – St Caedomon 
Caedmon’s Song – Ruth Ashby 
13th – St Modomnoc 
The Saint and his Bees – Dessi Jackson 
14th – St Valentine 
Saint Valentine – Robert Sabuda 

5th – St Kieren 
Saint Ciaran The Tale of a Saint of Ireland – Gary D Schmidt
17th – St Patrick 
Patrick Patron Saint of Ireland – Tomie De Paola 
Patrick: Saint of Ireland – Joyce Denham 
19th – St Joseph 
Father and Son – Geraldine McCaughrean
Song of the Swallow – Leo Politi 


28th – St Wencelslas
Good King Wenceslas- John M Neale
The Eternal Christmas Story- Geraldine McCaughrean

1st St Therese
St Therese A First Book for Little Catholics – Father GaleTherese
The Little Flower of Lisieux – Sioux Berger
2nd – Feast of the Guardian Angels
Angels Everywhere – Tomie dePaola
Angel of God What’s your name? – Rebecca McNall
My Guardian Dear-Susan Andrews Brindle 
4th – St Francis
Saint Francis – Brian Wildsmith
Francis the Poor Man of Assisi – Tomie De Paola 
Saint Francis and the Nativity – Myrna Strasser 
Francis The Poor Man of Assisi – Juliette Levivier
6th – St Kendreas
Under the Grapevine – Chrissi Hart

2nd –
All Souls Day

Father Phillip Tells a Ghost Story:A story of Divine Mercy-Susan Andrews Brindle
The Spirit of Tio Fernando-Janice Levy
3rd – St Martin de Porres
Saint Martin De Porres and the Mice- Eva K Betz
11th- November St Martin Tours
The Life of St Martin – Verena Smith

6th – St Nicholas
Country Angel Christmas-Tomie dePaola
Saint Nicholas: The Real Story of the Christmas Legend -Julie Stiegemeyer
The Baker’s Dozen A Saint Nicholas Tale – Aaron Shepherd
The Legend of Saint Nicholas- Demi
13th- Our Lady of Guadalupe
The Lady of Guadalupe-Tomie De Paola
The Legend of the Poinsettia – Tomie De Paola
Our Lady of Guadalupe – Carmen T Bernier – Grand

Baby Board
The Saving Name of God the Son
Baby Come to Church – Virginia Esquinaldo

Brother Joseph: The Painter of Icons- Fr Augustine DeNoble
Brother Bartholomew and the Apple Grove- Jan Cheripko
The Monk Who Grew Prayer – Claire Brandenburg
The Ink Garden of Brother Theophane – CM Millen
Brother Juniper – Diane Gibfried

The Weight of a Mass – Josephine Nobisso
A Peek into My Church – Wendy Goody & Veronica Kelly (have edited parts)
Jesus Welcome You to the Mass – Angela M Burrin
The Mass Book for Children- Rosemarie Gortler & Donna Piscitelli
The Most Beautiful Thing in the World – Susan Andrews Brindle
First Holy Communion – Father Demetrius Manousos (For Little Catholics)

Old Testament Rhymes – Robert Hugh Benson
An Alphabet of Saints – Robert Hugh Benson
A Child’s Rule of Life – Robert Hugh Benson
If Jesus Came to My House – Joan Gale Thomas
Angel in the Waters – Regina Doman
Take it to the Queen – Josephine Nobisso
The Princess and the Kiss – Jennie Bishop
The Squire and the Scroll – Jennie Bishop
Sister Anne’s Hands – Marybeth Lorbiecki
Little Acts of Grace – Rosemarie Gortler & Donna Piscitelli

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